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Year Case Charges Facing Results
2023 People v. Madeline Clark (Butte County) Vehicular Manslaughter 1 year jail Jury trial- Not Guilty!
2023 People v. G.K. (Sacramento County) Felony Vandalism 1 year jail Misdemeanor instead of felony, pay for vandalism clean-up, no jail time.
2022 People v. F.S. (Sacramento County) Felony Insurance/Worker's Compensation Fraud 2-5 years in prison After three years of defense investigation and rebuttal doctor opinions, case dismissed with no restitution.
2022 People v. A.D. (San Joaquin County) Domestic Violence 1 year jail After investigation and negotiation with DA, charges declined.
2022 USA v. F.M. (Federal Court, Sacramento Conspiracy to Manufacture at Least 1,000 Marijuana Plants 57-71 months in prison Time served, no jail time.
2022 USA v. S.L. (Federal Court, Sacramento) Possession with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine 78-97 months in prison 24 months
2022 USA v. R.M. (Federal Court, Sacramento) Discharge of Firearm During Drug Trafficking Offense; Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana 15 year mandatory minimum Time served (29 months)
2022 People v. R.C. Battery 1 year jail Case dismissed after defense investigation.
2022 People v. F.D. (Sacramento County) Felony Elder Abuse 3 years prison Misdemeanor, 12 anger management classes, no jail time
2021 People v. B.K. (Sacramento County) Felony Insurance Fraud 3 years prison Misdemeanor, 15 days ankle bracelet
2021 People v. B.G. (Sacramento County) Felony Concealed Weapons in Car- 2 loaded guns 3 years prison Diversion/Dismissal- required to take gun safety class
2021 People v. T.L. (Amador County) Conspiracy to Cultivate 6,000+ marijuana plants 3 years prison Misdemeanor, 10 days ankle bracelet
2021 People v. M.B. (Sacramento County) Felony Insurance Fraud (2 Counts, 2 victims) 3 years prison Misdemeanor, 90 days ankle bracelet
2021 People v. CC, (Placer County) Felony DUI with Serious Injury 3 years prison Misdemeanor, 40 hours of community service
2020 USA v. W.Y. (Federal Court, Sacramento) Wire Fraud 41 months prison Time served (5 months)
2020 People v. F.S. (Tehama County) Felony Hit and Run on Sheriff's Vehicle 3 years prison Misdemeanor, 40 hours of community service
2019 People v. T.M. (El Doradao County) Health & Safety Code 11379.6(a), Manufacture of Concentrated Cannabis 7 years prison Credit for time served (37 days), informal probation.
2019 People v. L.G. (Yolo County) Felony vehicular manslaughter and two felony DUIs with injury (3 victims) Four + years in prison Case dismissed at preliminary hearing due to showing of insufficient evidence, improper blood testing
2018 People v. L.H. (Sac. County) Felony Domestic Violence Prison time After preliminary hearing and taking over for prior counsel, convinced DA proof was lacking and case dismissed.
2018 People v. F.G. (Sac. County) Felony receiving stolen property. Local jail time or prison. After multiple court appearances and defense investigation, case dismissed.
2018 USA v. J.M. (Sac. Fed Court) Conspiracy to Distribute 100+ grams of heroin with prior drug conviction 10-40 years Case dismissed. 8 months after charges filed, the defense found a flaw in the wiretap warrant. This compelled a dismissal without filing a motion to suppress.
2017 People v. C.T. (Placer County) Felony Possession of Large Knife on School Grounds. Jail time Reduced to misdemeanor, community service/alternative sentencing, no jail time.
2017 USA v. E.R.(Sac. Fed Court) False Claims Against the United States At least two years prison Probation, no jail time.
2015 People v. Richard F. (Sacramento County) DUI with .15% BAC Standard DUI penalties and license suspension DUI dismissed with helmandollar waiver; no license suspension; pled to lesser charge of drunk in public for deferred entry of judgment (6 hour class)
2015 People v. R. R. (Sac. County) Battery with priors Up to 1 year in jail Case dismissed. After 18 months of defense investigation and collecting favorable witness statements, the DA dismissed on the day trial was set to begin.
2015 USA v. Justin N. (Sacramento Fed Court) Conspiracy to Distribute MDMA (Ecstasy) and Marijuana Up to 20 years in prison No jail time; 3 years supervised release
2014 People v. Arthur B. (Sac County) PC 187, Murder 25 to Life 3 years; resolved for lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter
2014 USA v. R. Garcia (Fed Court Sacramento) Conspiracy with intent to distribute cocaine 3-4 years in prison Pled to lessr charge, a phone count, for no jail time and one year of electronic monitoring
2014 USA v. Tyrone W. (Fed Court Sacramento) Conpiracy to Distribute at least 100 Grams of Heroin, at least 50 grams of Meth, MDMA and Oxycodone Mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years prison 18 months
2014 People v. CJE (Sac. County) HS 11378- Possession of Drugs For Sale, With a Prior Conviction; and PC 273a(a)- Felony Child Endangerment Over 6 years in prison 1 year, probation, no prison, reduced felony 273a(a) to a misdemeanor
2014 USA v. V. B. (Federal Court- Sacramento Mortgage Fraud with a 1.7 Million loss 3-4 years in prison 6 months home confinement, 6 months in custody
2014 People v. Confidential (Sac County) Kidnapping and felony assault Up to 8 years in prison with strike and deportation Lesser charge of false imprisonment by fraud, no prison, probation with 300 days; no deportation
2014 People v. C. C. (Sac. County) Felony DUI causing injury Up to 4 years in state prison; loss of license for 10 years Misdemeanor; 6 days jail; informal probation
2014 USA v. Gabriel G. (Federal- Sacramento) Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine 10+ years in prison Probation after negotiating reduced charges
2014 People v. K. K. (Sac. County) Carrying a concealed, loaded firearm into a courthouse 1 year in jail Dismissed after client completed CCW course
2014 People v. Amy B. (Solano County) Domestic Violence Jail time, loss of teaching credentials, 52 week Batterer's Treatment Program Dismissed after convincing DA her husband (the "victim") was actually the agressor and a threat to her.
2014 People v. Frank S. (Sac. County) Client arrested for firearm use, brandishing and given a court date 1 year in jail Defense investigation convinced DA not to file charges
2014 People v. Michael T. (Sac. County) Six Felonies: Four Counts 1st Degree Burglary, 2 Counts Second Degree Burglary Over 10 years in prison Probation. Negotiated offer down from 4 years, to 2 years to probation.
2013 USA v. Emily Y. (Federal Court- Sacramento) Bank Fraud, Identity Theft 4-5 years in prison Time served after 6 months. Convinced US Attorney client had no knowledge of larger conspiracy.
2013 People v. Confidential (Sac. County) Domestic Violence Up to 1 year in jail and deportation Dismissed
2013 USA v. Sharon H. (Federal- Sacramento) Conspiracy to manufacture over 1,000 marijuana plants; forfeiture of home and land 10 years prison, loss of home and acreage Dismissed after a year of litigation, court appearances and investigation. Client keeps property.
2013 USA v. Soto, (Federal- Sacramento) Possession With Intent to Distribute at Least One Kilo or More of Heroin; Caught in car with 14+ pounds of heroin. Mandatory minimum 10 years in prison Dismissed after several months of intense defense investigation proving client's innocence.
2012 People v. M. C. (Sacramento County) Felon in Possession of Firearm plus prior "Strike;" on two grants of felony probation Over 14 years in prison 32 months, no violation of probation
2012 United States of America v. JF (Federal- Sacramento) Obstruction of Justice, Destroying Evidence Federal Prison Time Diversion, no conviction, no jail time, case dismissed in 18 months
2012 People v. B. Smith (Sacramento County) With a .22 blood alcohol level, client hit and almost killed a pedestrian- Gross Vehicular Manslaughter Up to 10 years in prison Convinced DA it was the pedestrians fault for dangerously entering intersection; resolved for standard DUI, not manslaughter
2012 People v. Andrew W. (Sacramento County) Child Abuse (Physical- skull and rib fractures) on an 8 month old, plus a great bodily injury enhancement, + 2 VOPs Over 13 years in prison After 17 months of defense investigation, analysis and 17 court appearances, case dismissed!
2012 USA v. R. Lopez (Eastern District of CA) Production and Transfer of False Identification Documents Federal Prison Time $250 Fine and One year of Probation
2012 People v. Zachary F. (Sacramento County) Elder Abuse with Great Bodily Injury Up to 9 years in prison and a "strike" Reduced to misdemeanor and probation terminated in 18 months. DA intially offered 7 years.
2011 People v. Ian D. (Sacramento County) Driving under the influence of prescription drugs Jail time, loss of license Case dismissed
2011 People v. Dr. Confidential (El Dorado) DUI Medical practice restrictions, suspended license Case dismissed after multiple court appearances
2011 People v. M.A. (Sacramento) Felony Bank and Check Fraud Lengthy jail or prison Resolved for misdemeanor, no jail time, 45 days ankle bracelet
2010 People v. Confidential (Sacramento) Arrested for Sexual Assault/Rape and submitted to DA's Office for prosecution Prison No Charges Filed
2010 People v. R.C. (San Joaquin) Vehicular Manslaughter Investigation Lengthy jail or prison No Charges Filed
2010 People v. Marvel Barksdale (Sacramento) Murder For Benefit of a Criminal Street Gang Life in Prison Jury verdict: not guilty of murder; received determinate term for manslaughter
2010 People v. G.F. (Placer) Felon in Possession of Firearm 3 years prison Case Dismissed
2010 People v. T.W. (Sacramento) Arson (a strike) Prison Pled to lesser non-strike offense, for probation and no registration as an arsonist.
2010 People v. M.L. (Sacramento) Felony Grand Theft 3 years prison Reduced to misdemeanor. No jail time/community service.
2010 People v. D.B. (Sacramento) Arrested and booked for felony Domestic Violence and Resisting Arrest Prison No Charges Filed
2009 Federal Investigation v. Confidential Felony Fraud Lengthy Prison Sentence No Charges Filed
2009 People v. Andrew Martinez (Sacramento) Attempted Murder, Assault with a Firearm, Personal Use of Firearm, Gang Enhancements Life in Prison Hung Jury; Client resolved for 10 years in prison
2009 People v. Ignacio Valencia (Sacramento) Attempted Murder, Assault with a Firearm Lengthy Prison Sentence Jury verdict: not guilty of murder, not guilty of Assault with Firearm. Guilty of simple assault- probation granted.
2009 Federal Investigation v. Confidential Ponzi Scheme, Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering Lengthy Prison Sentence No Charges Filed
2009 People v. B.T. (Sacramento) Rape and Multiple Counts of Forcible Sexual Assault (all strikes) Lengthy Prison Sentence Pled to one count of assault (non-sexual/non-strike) for probation and no 290 (sex offender) registration
2008 People v. Edwin Soper (San Joaquin) Vehicular Manslaughter Lengthy jail or prison Pled to misdemeanor, no jail time, probation only