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Sex Crimes

Sex crimes carry a stigma and a sex offender is marked for life. A conviction for any sex crime is serious. Long term prison sentences and social banishment for the convicted are normal for even possession of child pornography. The impact after prison continues- the defendant’s address and photograph are publicized, and sex offenders are limited in the kinds of jobs they can have and places where they can live. The wrongfully accused rarely escape similar treatment of the accused. If you are being accused of, investigated for, or charged with sexual misconduct including sex abuse, date rape, child pornography, Internet sex crime, people trafficking, or prostitution, it is essential to hire an experienced criminal attorney to protect your rights. You need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible, ideally prior to being charged. Chris Cosca will not only aggressively pursue your case; he is professional and compassionate at the same time. He has been extremely successful in keeping such cases confidential and out of the media. His clients are treated with respect and dignity. 

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