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Mortgage Fraud

The mortgage industry is increasingly complicated- even professional mortgage brokers can make mistakes that can, and do, lead to serious State and Federal criminal charges. If you are being investigated, you cannot afford to avoid this situation. It is important to act quickly, prior to indictment by the grand jury, if possible. Chris Cosca has experience in such Federal criminal cases. He has aggressively defended individuals and companies against charges related to mortgage fraud. He also negotiates with the FBI and federal prosecutors, both pre-filing and after. Being proactive about your defense can help you avoid charges and indictment. These cases can involve home and land flips, shell games, bogus loans, failures to disclose, falsifying information, predatory lending, false appraisals and more. Chris has the background in real estate litigation, criminal and civil, and he’s professional and compassionate. Several clients have retained Chris because of his success in keeping his clients’ legal matters and identity confidential and out of the media. 

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