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"Chris is an excellent criminal lawyer. I had him for a white collar criminal case. Being indicted and everything else that comes with a criminal charge can be very stressful. Chris does an excellent job of managing client expectations while allowing a stressed client to vent very difficult emotions, while keeping your best interests and the law in mind. He is diligent and very professional. He is liked by the people that you will have to work with, prosecutors, probabtion, and judges (if it is even possible that judges like anyone). This is very important because in a criminal case many decisions that will seriously affect the client are decided by a judgement call on the behalf of one or more of these people. Having an attorney with good working relationship gives you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome. If you are in the posiiton to have to work with him you are already in a deep situation. There are no mircales in federal court, but having a great attorney is your best defense. Chris will do an excellent job navigating you through a very tough spot. Highly recommend." Josh C.  5/19/15

I drive to work each morning and, while a little ashamed to admit it, that is my prayer time. I have been holding your family up in prayer. I am forever grateful for the effort that you put out for my son. If there is EVER anything that I can do for you or your family consider it done."
Sincerely, Patricia B.

"Chris, Words cannot express my gratitude for all of your hard work and guidance throughout the past month. Thank you so much for your help and for negotiating the best possible outcome. I feel truly blessed to have been represented by you. I am back on the horse and riding strong. I know that I will overcome and succeed in my life as I have always planned. I hope God blesses you and your family. Sincerely, B. B.

"Excellent trial lawyer. Always a pleasure to have in my courtroom."                                          Sacramento County Superior Court Judge

"Hey Chris, It has been too long since we have spoken, but I wanted to send you some thoughts. Every time the holiday season rolls around, I think of how thankful I am for you helping to get me through a few horrible months of my life. Actually- it isn't just around the holiday is year round this thought comes to mind. You helped to get me through some scary stuff that could have sent my life on an unfortunate path, and for that, words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for you. You allowed me to keep just living my life the way I imagined it. Now, here I am. 27 years old, married, career. Simply lucky to have an amazing life... I hope you know how much I appreciate your help. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope 2014 brings you excellent health and happiness."                                                                    -A. B.

"Chris has handled everything from minor matters to muddier ones. He is very comfortable in the courtroom and “he shows well.” He dresses as well as I do- and that says a lot about him. He understands the big picture and is a guy who pays attention to details. I have seen his court briefs and manners in front of the family court judge and the criminal court judge and how he handles the DA who is chasing me around. Nothing scares this guy! He is cool and calm. He knows his law and I am sure he can help your friend’s son." 
- Richard F.

"Chris, I can’t thank you enough for helping me get through this process. I feel like a 1000 pounds have been lifted from my shoulders. Words cannot express how appreciative I am for all that you did for me."
- NL

"Once again… Thank you Mr. Cosca!!! I will never forget your kindness and your help! Never!"
- TZ

"Chris, I just wanted to write and say thanks for getting me the 12 years with half time. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything less than 32 years. Not only was the motion written well- you were pretty elegant enough to get some points across in front of the judge- thanks a lot man, you rock! I am focused on getting sober when I get out of here, and like you say- no hard drugs!"
- David L.

"Excellent, gracious but tough attorney."
Sacramento County Superior Court Judge

"Dear Ms. Scully:
I wish to comment upon the exemplary performance of Chris Cosca in the matter of People v. Steve Bird, a jury trial, which I heard in 3/2000. The recent decision of the Court of Appeal speaks for itself. Because appellate decisions are limited to the issues raised, they seldom reflect the full nature of the trial court proceedings. In the Byrd matter, a 3 strikes case, the prosecution faced the considerable task of presenting evidence necessary to support the allegations (in a 15-count Information) that the defendant committed 7 separate armed robberies and attempted murder. Mr. Cosca was a very organized, tenacious, efficient, and perceptive prosecutor. He was exceedingly effective in both the pretrial (in limine) and trial stages, especially closing argument. He always makes good use of his time, was vigorous in argument yet respectful when issues or objections were resolved against him. He faced experienced opposition and did so with grace, skill, perseverance, and professionalism, the kind that would make you extremely proud of him. The witnesses were largely young people working in a fast food restaurant to help support their education. They were terrified when they were robbed, and they were equally terrified to be sworn eye-witnesses in the jury trial. Mr. Cosca was very adept in accommodating these witnesses and making them feel comfortable in the courtroom setting. The 12 eyewitnesses were, as you might expect, less than completely consistent in their photographic or physical lineup ID’s. Most said they were “sure” of the defendant’s ID, while others stated they “thought” the defendant was the perpetrator. Mr. Cosca was able to handle these irregularities (and remember them) in a very useful and effective way that left no doubt in the jury’s mind that the defendant was the perp. The closing argument of Mr. Cosca can only be described as exceptional. The case required (more than the average felony case) a close attention to detail, which Mr. Cosca was able to do in admirable fashion. It was a pleasure to be the trial judge in this case before such a well-prepared deputy of your office."

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge

"Dear Chris, This seems the time of year for some reflection and accordingly we wish to thank you for your professional help this past year. It certainly eased our minds."
- RR

"Dear Chris, Thanks for looking into (this). I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am to you and (XX.) PS The adoption became final! The 'Silver Lining in the clouds.'"
- CC

"Dear Chris, Just a small 'Thank You' for everything you have done for the girls and me. Most especially, thank you for being supportive and treating us as people. " - A,L and B

"Chris, there are no words to tell you how happy we are. You have given X,X, and K a chance at life. You went in the court like 'Superman.' The whole family wants to wish you a very happy New Year. You did one super job for us. Thank you so much. Thank you!"
- J,J, S,J,

"Chris, you have been such an encouragement to my parents and me through this horrible ordeal. Your professionalism mixed with your sweet heart made us all feel a little more at ease and a little less like outsiders during this trial. You have even been a catalyst in the healing process. Give your family a hug and tell them thanks for the extra time this case took away from them."
- TG

"Hi Chris, I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on my case.  After you left, I had to meet with the court clerk to go over the paperwork out in the hall.  She informed me that the judge never gives out community service and that he must have been in a good mood.  I feel very relieved this is almost over. I have signed up for for my community service, which they have assigned me.  I hope to complete within 5 months of working weekends.  

I have learned valuable lessons from all of this.  I just wanted you to know how much my family and appreciate your help and that I will refer you if I have an opportunity. 

Take Care, ML
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