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2014 People v. Arthur B. (Sac County) PC 187, Murder 25 to Life 3 years; resolved for lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter
2014 USA v. R. Garcia (Fed Court Sacramento) Conspiracy with intent to distribute cocaine 3-4 years in prison Pled to lessr charge, a phone count, for no jail time and one year of electronic monitoring
2014 USA v. Tyrone W. (Fed Court Sacramento) Conpiracy to Distribute at least 100 Grams of Heroin, at least 50 grams of Meth, MDMA and Oxycodone Mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years prison 18 months
2014 People v. CJE (Sac. County) HS 11378- Possession of Drugs For Sale, With a Prior Conviction; and PC 273a(a)- Felony Child Endangerment Over 6 years in prison 1 year, probation, no prison, reduced felony 273a(a) to a misdemeanor
2014 USA v. V. B. (Federal Court- Sacramento Mortgage Fraud with a 1.7 Million loss 3-4 years in prison 6 months home confinement, 6 months in custody
2014 People v. Confidential (Sac County) Kidnapping and felony assault Up to 8 years in prison with strike and deportation Lesser charge of false imprisonment by fraud, no prison, probation with 300 days; no deportation
2014 People v. C. C. (Sac. County) Felony DUI causing injury Up to 4 years in state prison; loss of license for 10 years Misdemeanor; 6 days jail; informal probation
2014 USA v. Gabriel G. (Federal- Sacramento) Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine 10+ years in prison Probation after negotiating reduced charges
2014 People v. K. K. (Sac. County) Carrying a concealed, loaded firearm into a courthouse 1 year in jail Dismissed after client completed CCW course
2014 People v. Amy B. (Solano County) Domestic Violence Jail time, loss of teaching credentials, 52 week Batterer's Treatment Program Dismissed after convincing DA her husband (the "victim") was actually the agressor and a threat to her.

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