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Criminal Defense- State and Federal:


Strike Cases


All Homicides

Special Circumstances Cases

Manslaughter- Voluntary and Involuntary
Vehicular Manslaughter
Solicitation of Murder
Murder for Hire


Assault and Battery
Domestic Violence
Sex Crimes
Criminal Threats
Firearms and Weapons Offenses- Possession and Use
Gang cases
Assaults and Great Bodily Injury
Resisting Arrest and Evasion

Drug Offenses- All Controlled Substances



Theft Offenses

Vehicle Theft
Petty Theft with a Prior
Identity Theft
Insurance Fraud
Access Cards
False Statements

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes carry a stigma and a sex offender is marked for life. A conviction for any sex crime is serious. Long term prison sentences and social banishment for the convicted are normal for even possession of some pornography. The impact after prison continues- the defendant's address and photograph are publicized, and sex offenders are limited in the kinds of jobs they can have and places where they can live. Even the wrongfully accused face negative consequences. If you are being accused of, investigated for, or charged with sexual misconduct including sex abuse, date rape, child pornography, internet sex crimes, people trafficking, or prostitution, it is essential to hire an experienced criminal attorney to protect your rights. You need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible, ideally prior to being charged. Chris Cosca will not only aggressively pursue your case, he is professional and compassionate at the same time. He has been extremely successful in keeping such cases confidential and out of the media, and his clients are treated with respect and dignity.

White Collar Crimes

White Collar crimes including tax, real estate, bank and general business fraud are on the rise. These criminal allegations and related civil matters require an experienced, knowledgeable advocate on your side to litigate, eliminate, resolve and minimize the dispute. Business litigation is extremely complex and full of peril for corporate executives. Chris Cosca has handled both civil and criminal white collar cases. Usually, timely action is necessary. Chris Cosca will act immediately with an appropriate legal response.

Anti Trust Violations
Tax Evasion
Trade Theft
Economic Espionage
Insider Trading
Computer Crimes
Securities Offenses

Mortgage Fraud

The mortgage industry is increasingly complicated- even professional mortgage brokers can make mistakes that can, and do, lead to serious State and Federal criminal charges. If you are being investigated, you cannot afford to ignore this situation. It is important to act quickly, prior to indictment or other charges, if possible. Chris Cosca has experience in such Federal criminal cases. He has aggressively defended individuals and companies against charges related to mortgage fraud. He also negotiates with federal agents, detectives and prosecutors, both pre-filing and after. Being proactive about your defense can help you avoid formal charges. These cases can involve home and land flips, shell games, bogus loans, failures to disclose, falsifying information, predatory lending, false appraisals and more. Chris has the background in real estate litigation, criminal and civil, and he's professional and compassionate. Several clients have retained Chris because of his success in keeping legal matters and identities confidential and out of the media.

Motor Vehicle Crimes

Driving and Causing Injury to Another
Vehicular Manslaughter
DMV Hearings

Juvenile Criminal Defense

All Juvenile Matters


Domestic Violence
Drug Offenses
Violations of Court or Restraining Order
Simple Assaults and Battery
Resisting Arrest

Investigations- Federal and State

Representation of targets, suspects, subjects, and witnesses in criminal investigations and Grand jury proceedings.

Dismissals and Expungements

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution:

Victim Advocacy

"Chris Cosca- 2007 recipient of Outstanding Victim Service Award," awarded by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.


Victims who suffer great emotional and physical injuries at the hands of others have rights under the law. In California, a victim is considered to be the person who directly suffers the effects of the crime, such as the person who is assaulted, murdered or otherwise injured, and immediate family members who suffer the secondary effects, such as a loved one.


In victim-related cases, Chris Cosca works thoroughly and investigates the abuse or tragedy in your case, identifies the responsible parties, consults expert witnesses, negotiates and conducts discovery, if necessary. All efforts are directed toward resolving your case favorably and aggressively pursuing those responsible, often resulting in a monetary award. It is not uncommon to settle a case before a lawsuit is filed. Chris is professional and compassionate- he has been extremely successful in keeping matters confidential and out of the media. His clients are treated with respect and dignity.

Personal Injury

Sexual Assault
Physical Abuse
Vehicle Accidents
Assault and Battery
Slander and Libel
Wrongful Death
Injuries caused by animals
Invasion of Privacy
Negligent and Intentional Acts Causing Harm or Injury


Business disputes
Land disputes
Real Estate


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